Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guest Interview: Justin Poulter

Were you born with a pencil in your hand or were there certain events that lead up to your eventual outcome? I was pretty much born with a pencil in my hand. Went to after school art classes from and early age. My parents were supportive because they both work in creative fields.

You've recently been hired at I LOVE DUST. Do you consider having the advantage of being the guy that can draw AND design?
Yeah, i think it is a great advantage. However, I'm working more on the illustration side here.

Who would you like to work with sometime in the near future? This is not limited to just your field. Actors and cab drivers included.
Well, coming to work at I love Dust has been a personal goal for quite a while. Apart from that i am avid music collector so I'd love to work with some of my favorite current bands such as The Black lips, Ty Segall and The Eagles of Deathmetal.

Everyone remembers their best and worst job, I'm sure you have one for each?
Best, its hard to say really, but i think the best jobs are the ones when the clients say "just do your thing". These are usually exhibitions and brand collaborations.
The worst jobs i have had involved working with rubbish Junior art directors that change their minds about things all the time and don't sell the ideas to the clients well enough.

What are your thoughts on print and it's threat of extinction in a digital world?
The tangibility of print cant be replaced by anything digital. I think its unlikely that print will completely cease to exist, if it does it will be a real shame. Their will always be a resurgence of print techniques in retro trends. E.g screen printed posters.

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